Paintball For Kids in 2023 (Parents guide)

Paintball For Kids

Paintball For Kids

As a parent, it is completely normal for you to get your kids involved in sporting activities to be strong, hearty, and fit for what’s to come in the future. 

Paintballing is a fun sport that today’s kids will find excitement and peer group experiences. If you wonder whether or not the game of paintball is suitable and safe for kids, then you’ve come to the right spot for answers. 

Paintball for kids can elicit excitement in kids, especially if they play with their schoolmates or friends. Thankfully, sellers of paintball accessories and gears have different sizes of accessories and gears, including those that will fit your kids.  

With a group of friends, a vivid imagination, and protective gear, paintballing can be a recreational game for your kids. And because the game is very safe for your kids, if you have teenagers in your house, you can bring them along. 
Let’s see how the game is playing and what the coaches say-

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Paintball And Kids Safety

Paintball is one of the sports that uphold the issue of safety in high esteem. Whether young or old, field managers have safety measures in place to protect players. Plus, there are trained staff members and referees on the field, always looking out to ensure kids comply with the rules of the game. 

Besides, engineers, chemists, technicians, and specialists who manufacture the supplies used for paintball ensure they are tested and meet minimum standards before distributing to retailers. 

The safety gears designed for paintball are also safe for kids to use. To guarantee their safety when they face their opponents, ensure you purchase a good paintball gun with some ammo and fuel. Also, consider purchasing a quality pair of goggles or a mask to protect your face from paintball sting. 

The next thing is to get them paintball-specific outfits and pants. On no account should you allow them to wear short sleeves that won’t cover their arms? 

Additionally, there are paintball-specific boots designed for kids. Take advantage of this to protect their feet from sustaining injuries. Get them the appropriate size of boots so that they won’t be uncomfortable as they run around chasing after their opponents. 

Paintball for kids

What kind of paintball do kids play?


Kids play low-impact paintball instead of the standard paintball. Low impact paintball is played on smaller fields, with smaller bunkers and cover areas. Players shoot at lower velocities and are required to wear head protection.

Players are grouped into different age groups, ensuring an age-appropriate experience for everyone. Some companies also offer special events for a birthday party or a private party, so your children can play with their friends in a controlled setting.

Playing low-impact paintball is safe and fun for kids of all ages!

Is paintball ok for kids?

You may be wondering if paintball is alright for kids, and the answer is YES! Paintball has many positive attributes. It’s a great sport for children because it gets them outdoors and moving. There are also no rules that prevent kids from joining in on a game of paintball.

Paintball involves teamwork, strategy, and physical activity. These are all things that children need to be successful. Kids can learn sportsmanship skills by playing paintball together with other children or adults.

Best Paintball Guns for Kids

Picking the right paintball gun for your child is a little different from picking the right gun for yourself. Kids are small, so they need a gun that is lightweight and easy to handle. They also have small hands, so you’ll want to make sure it’s easy for them to reload and fire their marker. In addition, kids may not be able to handle a lot of recoils, so you’ll want to think about buying them a low-recoil gun instead of something like an electroshock or lightning shotgun.

Finding the best paintball guns isn’t always easy because there are so many models out there with different features and prices. But we’ve done our research into what makes a good paintball gun for kids — and created this guide based on our findings!

The first thing you should know when it comes to finding the right paintball gun for your kid is that safety is paramount. The last thing you want is for your child to get hurt while playing with their new toy! So make sure that whatever gun you choose has been tested and proven safe by independent organizations like ASTM International (American Society for Testing and Materials).

The next thing to consider is whether or not your child will be using the gun alone or with others. If they’re going to be playing with their friends, then you’ll need a gun that can fire faster than those intended for use by solo players. This means that if you’re buying one for a group of kids, don’t go too cheap as it may not last long enough for everyone to get a turn before breaking down.

Finally, think about how much money you want to spend on this purchase — because some models are more expensive than others but also offer more value in terms of performance or longevity.

Best Paintball Masks for Kids

Wearing a paintball mask is required by law to play the game. The only exception is if you’re playing on your own land and you’re not playing during daylight hours.

When looking for a mask, there are some important things to consider:

  • It should fit snugly over your face and ears so that it won’t come off while playing
  • It should have plenty of ventilation holes on top and sides of the goggles to allow air flow but still, keep paintballs out.
  • The lens needs to be clear or slightly tinted (not opaque) so that you can see where you’re going without having any glare from sunlight shining through them into your eyes

What is Kid friendly paintball

There are many different types of paintball, but not all of them are kid friendly. Some are too intense for younger children, while others may not have the safety features that are necessary. However, there are definitely some quality paintball options that are perfect for kids.

One great option for kid friendly paintball is called Splatmaster. This type of paintball uses much smaller projectiles, so it is not as intense as some of the other options. It is also a lot less messy, so it is perfect for kids who want to experience paintball without the mess.

Another great option for kid friendly paintball is called Low Impact Paintball. This is similar to Splatmaster, but the projectiles are even smaller. This makes it even less intense and less messy. Low Impact Paintball is a great option for young players who want to experience the thrills of the sport without the high-velocity impact of traditional paintballs. Low Impact Paintball uses specially designed paintballs that break upon impact but with much less force than traditional paintballs. This makes for a much safer and more enjoyable experience for young players. And, because the paintballs break upon impact, there is less of a mess to clean up afterward!

The trend to reduce the impact

  • Reduced impact paintball means that the impact of a paintball hit drops from approximately 200 feet per second to around 100 feet per second. This is a 50% reduction in velocity! In fact, this is the same level of impact that you get from a dodgeball hit at close range.
  • Lower power paintball guns can be used to shoot lower-impact paintballs. The lower power means that less air is used to fire the paintballs, which results in reduced speed and force. This makes it OK for kids to play!
  • Because the reduced impact paintballs are less powerful and less lethal, it’s also possible to shoot them using softer plastic shells. These shells have been designed not only to reduce their weight but also to reduce the likelihood of breakages, so they are safer for kids than traditional high-impact paintballs.
  • Most regular outdoor fields are not appropriate for kids due to faster speeds and harder hits from normal-sized players (these field staffs need special training). However, there are many fields that have special areas specifically designed for kids who want to play paintball in a safe environment with other children their own size.

Why we chose caliber paintballs

While paintballs are typically harmless, they do have the potential to cause damage if fired at too high of a velocity. That’s why we chose caliber paintballs when deciding what type of ammunition to pick up for our experience. With reduced impact paintballs, there’s less of a chance that any kids will get hurt while playing. These particular types of paintballs are made with less dye and fill, so they break on impact more easily. If you’ve ever been hit with a regular paintball, you’ll find the sting is still present but it doesn’t leave nearly as much of an after-effect as higher caliber options.

Caliber paintballs also tend to be more affordable than other options and will work well in all types of markers. When searching for the best ammo for your need, we recommend looking for options labeled “low impact” or “reduced impact” as these are typically safer for smaller players.

Paintball Tips For Kids

Before your kids hit the field to play paintball, let them observe the following tips very strictly so that they won’t sustain any injury while playing:

  • Kids should not be afraid of the game because the sting from paintball hurts less than most people think. Thankfully, there are paintball gears for kids that you can purchase for them to keep them protected. Even when they sustain bruises, it is part of the game and would only make them stronger. One way for your kids to sharpen their skill level is to be involved fully in the game.
  • Urge your kids not to pull off their masks as they play. Although the mask would make them uncomfortable during the early stage when they start playing, they will start getting used to it with time. Pulling off their mask will expose their face to injuries and sting from paintball, but the field authorities may also ban them from playing further for playing against the rule.
  • Urge them to fire their paintball gun directly at their opponent. That is an important tip your kids need to adhere to. There are several paintball guns for kids on the market for you to purchase for them to defend themselves against their opponents. 
  • Fill their air canisters with enough air that would sustain them throughout the game. In case they run out of air, you should make provision for re-filling. Re-filling shouldn’t be an issue since most field managers can help you with re-filling for a token.
  • If they plan to play in a tournament, let them train continuously for at least two weeks with their friends to improve their skills.  

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re still wondering with some questions in your head, take a look at these FAQs, you may find answers to what is bothering you.

Is there a paintball age limit for kids?

Paintball for kids can be an interesting adventure; however, players must be at least 12 years old to play the game. If any of your kids are not up to 12 years, he/she can still play the game so far you can convince the field manager of his/her suitability.

Will players be requested to sign a consent form?

Of course, signing a consent form is part of the requirement before any kid can play paintball. If your kids are below the mandatory age requirement, you, as the parent, may have to countersign the form to approve.

Are parents required to be on the field?

Yes, parents are encouraged to be on-site while their kids get going with the game. The moment your kids see you seated and watching, their morals would be very high to eliminate their opponents. 

What should my kids wear to play paintball?

Kids paintball is a fun game that can make your kids and their friends share a lovely moment. Before they start playing, ensure you dress your kids in camouflage coveralls and safety gear, including gloves, masks, and vests to hold their valuables.

What if my kids pull off their masks during paintball?

We always encourage parents to urge their kids not to remove their masks during paintball. Pulling off the mask is very dangerous, as they may lose their eyesight.

Final Thoughts

Paintball is not only meant for adults. It is for everyone – from college kids, women, girls, boys, friends, scouting groups, and church groups to office buddies, fire department, and recreational youth organizations. 

Paintball is a fun, safe and exciting sport that kids can play. It teaches children valuable skills like teamwork and leadership. Paintball is not violent, it is an enjoyable and safe sport to play! It can also help kids get in shape and stay fit. The best part about paintballing for children? They have so much fun while learning valuable lessons that will benefit them throughout their lives!

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