The Ultimate Guide to Paintball Gun Barrels

paintball gun barrels guide

The Ultimate Guide to Paintball Gun Barrels

Paintball gun barrels are one of the most important parts of a paintball gun. The barrel is the part of the gun that the paintball is shot through. The size, shape, and material of the barrel all affect the accuracy and performance of the gun. Paintball gun barrels come in all shapes and sizes. The most common size is 14 inches, but you can find them as short as 8 inches or as long as 20 inches. The length of the barrel will affect the accuracy and range of your paintball gun. A longer barrel will give you more accuracy.

Types of Paintball gun barrels

When it comes to paintball barrels, there are three important factors: length, diameter, and material.

  • The length determines how accurate your barrel will be. Longer barrels are more accurate than shorter ones because they give the ball more time to slow down after it leaves the gun.
    However, longer barrels also tend to be heavier and less maneuverable than short ones. A good rule of thumb is that a barrel should be the same length as the distance between your elbow and hand when your arm is bent at a 90-degree angle.
  • Diameter plays an important role in accuracy too—it’s going to determine how fast air can flow through the barrel, which affects how much spin you’ll get on the ball as it exits the barrel. That spin helps keep it on the course! The right diameter for you depends on both personal preference and what kind of paintballs you use (which should have their size written on them).
  • Finally, there’s material—aluminum and stainless-steel barrels are very common in paintball guns these days.

Paintball gun barrels come in all shapes and sizes, but they all serve the same purpose: to fire paintballs. The type of barrel you choose for your paintball gun will be based on your personal preferences and playing style. Here are some of the most popular types of paintball gun barrels on the market:

Types of paintball gun Barrels (2)

Ported barrels: These barrels have small holes drilled into them which help to reduce the paintball’s spin and improve accuracy. Ported barrels are a type of gun barrel that has one or more ports drilled into the barrel. These ports allow the gases that are produced when the gun is fired to escape out of the barrel, which can help to reduce the amount of recoil that the gun produces.

Rifled barrels: Rifled barrels have spiraling grooves cut into the inside of the barrel. These grooves spin the paintball as it travels down the barrel, which makes the paintball more accurate. Rifled barrels are more expensive than straight barrels, but they are worth the investment if you are serious about playing paintball.

Spyder barrels: These barrels are specifically designed for use with Spyder paintball guns. They’re often shorter than other barrels, which makes them ideal for close-quarters combat.

Tippmann barrels: These barrels are specifically designed for use with Tippmann paintball guns. They’re often longer than other barrels, which gives you a better range.

There is also a popular classification of paintball gun barrels, according to the research. Let’s have a look at it.

The stock gun barrel

A stock barrel is a barrel that comes with a paintball gun when a person buys it. Every paintball gun is different, and therefore, each stock barrel can be very different. Although some stock barrels are more expensive than others, the price of stock barrels is generally inexpensive compared to other kinds of barrels.

The most important thing to remember about stock barrels is that they are usually not very accurate, especially after repeated use.

The “one-piece” barrel

The main benefit of the one-piece barrel is its simplicity. Unlike two-piece barrels, It is a single piece and can be easily removed. Because of this, they are also easily cleaned or replaced. If you decide to upgrade or customize your paintball gun in the future, a one-piece barrel makes it easy to integrate with other items that are added to the weapon.

The “two-piece” barrel

The second type of barrel is a “two-piece” barrel. It features a back end that screws into the paintball gun and a front that can be removed for easy cleaning. The front section contains the bore size, or inner diameter, of the barrel. This portion also holds the ball in place when firing and can come as part of an entire system to control how air is used to fire the ball.

As you shop for paintball gun barrels, consider if they are being sold individually or as a system that includes an adapter back and several fronts with different bore sizes. The latter option means you can get one back, which fits your paintball gun, then use it with different fronts to change up your performance. You could even share your system with friends who have similar guns.

The “under-barrel” kit

The “under-barrel” kit is an adapter that lets you attach a CO2 or nitrogen tank to your paintball gun. It attaches between the barrel and your gun, so it’s a pretty hidden accessory. Also, many under-barrel kits have a cover that looks like a rail grip, so you can hide the fact that there’s even an adapter on your gun. It has one input for the paintball tank and one output for your barrel.

Like air tanks mounted on the bottom of these guns, this kit keeps things simpler because you don’t have to worry about running out of gas while playing. However, since it’s an adapter rather than its tank, you’ll still need to bring a separate tank with you when playing. The main advantage of using this type of system is that it isn’t very obtrusive—it won’t get in the way as much as something mounted underneath or behind the back of your marker.

There are many types of barrels available on the market. While it is good to check out all of them, we have listed the popular ones below:

Tippmann Sniper Barrel

Paintball gun BarrelsPaintball gun Barrels
  • Designed for greater distance and accuracy over standard barrels.
  • Micro-hones and polished inside and out for ultimate precision.
  • Superior performance

Tippmann Pathfinder Barrel

Paintball gun BarrelsPaintball gun Barrels
  • Compatible with A-5/X7/X7 Phenom Markers.
  • Long-range barrel ∙
  • Constructed from lightweight aluminum.
  • Increased shooting distance

There are many types of paintball barrel kits available on the market today. Each offers its own set of benefits and features. Paintball barrel kits can range from simple to complex, and from affordable to expensive. When choosing a paintball barrel kit, it is important to consider what you need and want in the kit. Here are some things to keep in mind:

The type of paintball marker you have will dictate the type of barrel kit you need. For example, if you have a pump marker, you will need a different kit than someone with an electro-pneumatic marker.

The size of your paintballs will also dictate the size of barrel kit you need. If you plan on using smaller paintballs, you will need a smaller barrel kit. Likewise, if you plan on using larger paintballs, you will need a larger barrel kit.

The length of your paintball barrel will also dictate the size of the barrel kit you need.

Smart Parts Freak XL Barrel Kit

Paintball gun BarrelsPaintball gun Barrels
  • 14″ Control bore
  • 500+ shots from a 68/4500 HPA tank
  • Compatible with Autococker and AC Threading.
  • The original Freak system
  • Reduced sound signature.
  • No lost air between the barrel and the regulator.
  • Provides an average velocity increase

Paintball gun barrel threads

Paintball gun barrel threads come in a few different varieties. The two most popular are the Autococker and Spyder threads. Each has its benefits and drawbacks, so it’s important to choose the right one for your gun.

Autococker thread

Autococker thread is the most common barrel thread for Autococker markers. It was the standard thread for Autococker barrels, which were in production from the early 1990s until 2007.

Barrel threads are male or female screws that match each other on paintball barrels and paintball markers. Most markers have an input on the front of the marker that requires a threaded paintball barrel to be screwed into them. Autococker threads are short, fine pitch thread that allows more weight and accuracy to come out of an Autococker marker.

Paintball Gun barrel Threads

Spyder thread

The Spyder thread is a 1-inch in length, M16 style thread, and the smallest of the three available paintball gun threads. The Spyder thread is used in most Kingman brand markers, such as the Spyder Victor, MR100, Pilot series (excluding the ACI), and more.


It’s important to know what thread size your paintball gun takes so you can use the correct attachments. This page will help you determine whether your paintball gun is an A5-thread. Check for the following features on your marker:

  • Barrels are threaded at the back of your marker and into the body of it. The threads attach to a back cap that screws into the body and stops when it hits an o-ring in front of an internal valve to seal off the air.
  • The tip of the barrel is threaded with A5-type threads, which means that any A5 barrel tips will attach, such as Freak inserts or Apex 2 tips.
  • Hoppers are also threaded with A5-type threads, which means they screw directly onto your marker, like a Halo shell loader or Rotor shell loader.
  • Air tanks also have threads that match up with those on your gun; any tank with A5/Proconnect/Lapco thread should work fine. If you have more questions about which tank fits into this type of threading, contact us – we’re happy to help!
  • ·12 gram CO2 cartridges also need to be screwed into the bottom line adapter (or ASA) to work properly; these need a specific kind of threading as well, which is called ASA or Proconnect.

Tippmann 98 thread

If you’re having problems finding compatible threads for your paintball gun or hopper, rest assured: You aren’t alone. Some people have a hard time selecting them because they’re so small and difficult to see, but even if you have trouble finding the right gauge, once you do find it, there’s no danger of misusing it.

So how do you begin? All 98 threads are compatible with each other; the only real distinction is that some fit better than others with Tippmann markers. One way to determine this is by measuring the diameter of the thread in millimeters at its thickest point from side to side.

The most common Tippmann thread is a 98 mm diameter on both sides, which means that all 98 mm threads are identical in size. The general rule of thumb is that if your hopper has two holes for cartridges (known as screwing in), then all 98 mm threads will fit properly in it; if your hopper has one hole (called direct compressing) then any 99 or 100 mm thread will work just fine—with one caveat: While 99 mm threads will usually fit without issue onto a clear turret cap on a tank feeder or loader body—the thin batter tip on the top of these parts makes them incompatible with 100 mm or larger-diameter threads, so try not to use anything larger than 100 mm if you’re using a threaded hopper and tank feeder combo together!

Similarly, while any 105 mm thread will normally fit onto standard turrets without issue—a thin batter tip at their base makes them incompatible with 107/109 mm and thicker-diameter barrels as well -if your marker has clear plastic foregrips equipped, then be sure to check first if those are removable before taking it apart!

Smart Parts Thread

The Smart Parts thread is found in many markers from the manufacturer. If you are looking for a replacement barrel for any of the following models, you will need to get a Smart Parts threaded one:

· Ion

· Impulse

· Shocker

· Nerve

· Epiphany

· Freak

GOG Paintball Barrel Freak Back Autococker Thread

Paintball gun BarrelsPaintball gun Barrels
  • The new Freak XL builds on that legacy, combining user
  • 3-piece barrel system
  • combined with Freak Front and Insert
  • Barrels are cross-compatible for mix and match construction.

Lapco Paintball Barrel Adapter – Cocker to Tippmann 98

Paintball gun BarrelsPaintball gun Barrels
  • It permits Autococker barrel threads to be used in a Tippmann marker.
  • The Interior finish is premium.
  • Made in the USA
  • Light-weight

Things to consider when buying a paintball gun barrel

Paintball barrels work by propelling the paintball through the air at high speeds. The paintball is forced through the barrel by a compressed air system.

If you’re a paintball enthusiast, you probably know that most paintball barrels come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials. The best way to choose the right barrel for your needs is to consider what type of paintball game(s) you enjoy playing.

If you play recreational games with friends, you can get by with a basic barrel that fits your marker. However, if you participate in more serious tournaments regularly and want to get an edge in the competition, it may be worth investing in an advanced barrel design that improves accuracy and lifespan.

Before buying a new barrel for your paintball marker, it’s important to do some research into which options work best with the gun model and caliber you prefer to use.

Rather than reading through pages of general information about markers or barrels from less-than-reputable websites (which are often sponsored by specific companies), check out reviews online from actual players who have tested different products and brands.

There are a few things you should consider before buying a paintball barrel.

  • First, what bore size do you need? 

    Paintball barrels come in a variety of bore sizes, from .689 to .693. The stock barrel size you need depends on the type of paintball marker you are using. 
  •  Second, what type of rifling do you want?

    Rifling can either be smooth or spiral. Smooth bore barrels are generally more accurate, but spiral barrels are better for breaking paintballs. 
  •  Third, what length do you need?

    Paintball barrels come in a variety of lengths, from 12″ to 18″. The length you need depends on the type of paintball marker you are using and your personal preference. 
  •  Finally, what type of material do you want?

    Paintball barrels are made from a variety of materials, including aluminum, stainless steel, and carbon fiber. The aluminum paintball barrel is the most popular barrel for perfection. The type of material you choose depends on your budget and your personal preference. Here you can also look for some cheap paintball barrels. 

the best paintball barrels for accuracy

There are many factors that affect accuracy in paintball, but one of the most important is the barrel. The best paintball barrels for accuracy are typically those that are longer and have a smooth bore. The smaller the bore, the more accurate the barrel will be. A good barrel will also have a tight bore, meaning that there is little to no wiggle room for the paintball inside.

This results in fewer paintballs breaking inside the barrel and therefore fewer inaccurate shots. Another factor is the material the barrel is made from. Aluminum barrels are the most accurate, followed by carbon fiber barrels.
However, some of the most popular paintball barrels for accuracy include the J&J Ceramic Barrel, the Deadlywind Fibur-X Barrel, and the Lapco Big Shot Assault Barrel.

Frequently Asked Questions

What paintball barrel should I buy for my marker?

The paintball barrel you ultimately choose should be based on the type of paintball marker you have, as well as your personal preferences. If you’re unsure of which barrel to purchase, read this article to make a suitable choice.

Why does my paintball gun shoot paintballs erratically?

One possibility is that the paintballs themselves are of poor quality or have become damaged. Another possibility is that something is obstructing the paintball barrel, such as a paintball that has become lodged inside. Finally, it’s also possible that the o-rings on your paintball barrel are damaged, which can cause air to leak and paintballs to shoot erratically.

What is the best paintball barrel length?

The best paintball barrel length depends on the paintball gun that you are using. Most paintball barrels range from 8 to 16 inches in length.

How do I know if my paintball barrel is too long or too short?

If your paintball gun is shooting paintballs that are breaking in the barrel, the paintball barrel is likely too long. If your paintball gun is not shooting paintballs far enough, the paintball barrel is likely too short.

Wrapping up

Making the right barrel choice is an important part of elevating your game. It’s not just about accuracy; it’s also about comfort, weight, and feel. Does it fit well in your hand? If you’re crouching down and having to push your paintball gun out in front of you, does the barrel hit the ground before the handle does?

Is it easy to maneuver through windows and doors when you need to? While all of these factors are subjective, and there’s no single perfect answer, they’re incredibly important when you’re making a personal choice. So, as long as you can find something that works with your body and style of play, feel free to experiment!

We recommend trying out a variety of barrels—it’s the best way to determine what feels comfortable for you.

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