Overview of Different Types Of Paintball Guns You Should Know

Different Types Of Paintball Guns

Different Types Of Paintball Guns

 Have you heard about a shooting where nobody gets killed? Do not look surprised! It is called a paintball shooting game. In this game, the participants’ group themselves in a tournament – shoot out. A gun that fires the Paintball is called a paintball gun. Each member of the team has a paintball gun in which they shoot at their opponents to mark. It is safe because the bullets are rubber-filled with paint in nature. 

After its introduction in the 1980s, Paintball became one of the sought-after games globally. Paintball allows players to use air guns to play. Like any other game, for instance, football or basketball, it uses a ball as the central element. The use of many shots in play makes Paintball a unique game that stands out from the older games.

Most paintball players refer the guns as markers to oppose any perceptions that the game is dangerous. However, the game is a form of entertainment, but to some extent, paintball guns can be dangerous. Users are advised to be observant of safety precautions to participate in this kind of fun and entertainment activity.

This article is all about different types of paintball guns. Follow me as I highlight how a paintball marker works and the various types of paintball guns. 

The paintball guns used for recreational activities are of different makes. Some are electric, pump-made, or even mechanical. Before buying a gun, you must consider certain factors.  The appropriate budget and the type of playmates must be given critical priority.

Here are the factors to consider before you acquire any paintball gun.

  • The category of paintball game you want to engage in. 
  • The kind of Paintball you already have to avoid duplication.
  • The complete budget required to purchase the gun
  • The strategy you want to employ in the game.
  • And the age bracket of the players.


How does the paintball gun work?

The Paintball resembles a water balloon with a proximate diameter of 1.7cm. When the gun is triggered and released, the paintball burst, leaving paint on the target.

The paintball gun has various components. It enables the ball to move at a higher velocity. The container houses a propulsion component called compressed air. Moreover, three small cartridges that contain ordinary air, nitrogen gas, and carbon dioxide are vital components of the gun. 

The hopper holds the Paintball in the right position for firing.

Although different types of paintball guns possess various mechanisms of firing, the working principle is the same.

Types of Paintball guns

Paintball guns work by compressing air via a regulated regulator and then releasing it behind a paintball, sending it out of the barrel at a high velocity. All paintball guns use this basic design, with variations in how the air is compressed.

When you pull back on the trigger of your gun, it will open up a hole in your barrel where the paintball can travel through. As you pull back on the trigger, the air is released from your tank (or CO2 canister) and goes into your gun. The air pushes forward on the ball in front of it, creating pressure.

When this pressure reaches its peak, it pushes forward on the ball that was in front of it and forces it out of the barrel until something slows it down or stops it completely. Due to safety measures, the speed of the paintball is controlled. The low speed yields less impact; hence, the firing force is minimized. 

This isn’t too much different from how other types of guns work as well; they all use some sort of propellant force behind their ammo which causes them to fly through whatever space they’re traveling through until they eventually hit something solid enough for momentum transfer not happen anymore – at least not at speeds we’d consider dangerous!

If we’re talking about bullets then typically this would mean hitting an armored target (like another bulletproof vest) instead of just another person’s body because those tend to absorb impact better than most materials but if we’re looking at other kinds like rockets or missiles then these projectiles might have special features such as being able to deflect incoming obstacles like walls by detonating themselves upon contact before reaching their intended target so that nothing gets destroyed unnecessarily along their path towards eventual destruction upon hitting either their target or something hard enough for them not make any progress after making contact.

Air resistance is a negative factor that affects paintball projection. It is essential to give the ball an upward projection to trace a curve upon landing to curb this.

For fun and entertainment, paintball markers fire at a very favorable and safe low speed. Paintball gun power is also regulated. Firing at close range results in bruises. Paintball players put on eye and ear protection gear to mitigate the risks involved.

Types of paintball guns

Below is a list of the different paintball gun types commonly used in various tournaments.

  • Pump paintball guns 
  • Electronic paintball guns
  • Mechanical paintball guns 
  • Machine gun paintball guns

The Pump Paintball Gun

Pump Paintball gun

  • These are the most basic types.
  • They are also the most affordable.
  • They are easier to maintain than other types.
  • They can be upgraded.
  • They use fewer paintballs than other types.
  • They are more accurate.
  • They are slower to use.

It is the simplest type of paintball gun. Its operation is purely manual. One can master the skills of using it by following simple instructions. The concept of a push-pull mechanism is the basis of its process for continuous firing in pump paintball type. These guns have a pump that helps you prepare for a shot after a shot. The pump handle is pushed and pulled every time a ball is released to put the next ball. 

This paintball gun type is reliable; however, new players in the game may find using it time-consuming and tedious. Being one of the oldest models, the world of technology is almost rendering it obsolete. The latest pump paintball guns have a new design and are not as round as before. These guns are more reliable and popular among old-age paintball players. However, it is hard to get in the game with a pump ball for beginners. Most of the people in the stock-class paintball events use the pump paintball guns.

Mechanical Paintball Guns

Mechanical Paintball gun

  • Mechanical paintball guns are the oldest style of paintball gun.
  • They are also the most affordable and easiest to maintain.
  • Mechanical paintball guns are the simplest to use.
  • Mechanical paintball guns are the most reliable.

The Mechanical type is the most common gun in any tournament. It is because maintenance practices are affordable and straightforward. Mechanical paintball guns are cost-effective and semi-automatic to operate. 

The working mechanism of this gun is based on the concept of compressed air. 

Mechanical paintball guns use compressed ordinary air and carbon dioxide to operate, facilitating quick and easy refilling of the tanks when playing on a commercial field or near a pro-shop.

Most of these guns have a blowback design. The trigger moves the sear catch when a player pulls it, and a spring tension releases a hammer. Once the striker hits the valve, it opens long enough to propel the Paintball out of the barrel.

The resulting pressure throws back the striker until the sear catches it and the next paintball loads. If you play in a place without gas refills, then consider the stack tube design over the blowback design. The stack tube design is more gas efficient.

types of Paintball Gun

Electric Paintball Gun

Electric Paintball gun

  • Electronic paintball guns are the most advanced type of paintball guns.
  • They are also called electro-pneumatic paintball guns.
  • Electronic paintball guns are the most popular among serious players.
  • They are efficient and accurate.
  • A battery powers these paintball guns.

The electric paintball gun is the most expensive type of firearm. A battery of approximately 9V is sufficient to power it. It has a motherboard that enables the activation of various firing modes. Its firing rate is much higher compared to the mechanical one.

They utilize an electronic solenoid to shoot. The electrical paintball marker is the best in the world. Its trigger is not long and heavy, which enables you to achieve high rates of firing. The circuit board controls the solenoid and the commands coming into it. 

Like clicking the computer mouse, it releases the bullet instantly with higher accuracy. The mode set as default can automatically fire as long it is powered. It is easier to operate.

Machine Gun Paintball gun

Machine gun Paintball gun

  • Machine gun paintball guns are heavy
  • High velocity.
  • Insecure during firing.
  • They are very powerful

It is both advanced and complex to use. Its firing speed is higher compared to the mechanical paintball gun. As the name suggests, it is a machine for firing. The velocity with which the ball leaves the valve is high, making the game more fun.

Even though it is a fantastic machine, most tournament rules don’t accept it because a machine gun is unsecured during firing. Private tournaments and cooperative organizations sometimes accept its use. 

However, in some scenarios, these guns do not exist and are just a name. People use the term ‘machine gun’ without much knowledge of the different markers in paintball games. Machine gun paintball guns refer to Guns with the ability to fire multiple shots in a second. 

ramping guns, semi-automatic guns, and fully automatic guns are used as machine guns in Paintball make of the name. These guns possess a high firing rate. Some tournaments, however, ban the use of ramping and fully automatic markers for their insecure nature.

Other Types of Paintball Guns

Apart from the guns mentioned above, there are other paintball gun types. Many people do not like them. You must always strive to choose the weapon of your preference. These types of guns include blown guns and Angel paintball guns.

These categories of guns fall into the group of toys not used daily. Personality and budget should guide you when you want to buy paintball guns.

Final thoughts 

When you want to purchase Paintball in the market, consider your budget and what you exactly need. Evaluate the type of gun that is appropriate for you. It is essential to acquire operation skills before you own a gun.

Unlike standard guns whose operation may be complicated, it is easy to operate paintball guns

If you are new to paintball games, don’t buy a pump paintball gun because it is manual and tedious to manage. If your competitor owns an automatic weapon, you won’t win.

As a beginner, go for electric or mechanical paintball guns. However, due to their automatic firing mode, you are likely to miss targets. Most tournaments discourage the use of a machine gun because it is harmful. It’s, therefore, essential to go for the paintball type that will work for you.

Additionally, a paintball gun that is easier to maintain is ideal. Before going to a competition, rehearse the use of the weapon. Avoid fully automatic rifles since most tournaments no longer accept them. The working mechanism of all the types of guns named above is similar.

All the guns discussed above can bring something to the table. They can make the game enjoyable as long as the operator knows what they want. Each weapon has its pros and cons, and therefore, the choice is yours. 

Let us leave that discussion for another time. Go ahead and pick what works for you.

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