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The Best Paintball Speed Feed | Experts Review

Shooting thirty rounds per second is fast becoming a norm for every paintball enthusiast with the best paintball speed feed. For fast loading, markers are expensive. Besides, they rely on quality speed feeds that enable easy and efficient loading without spillage, easy installation, service, and a fool-proof one-way mechanism. 

While worrying about a snug fit and look, the ones with upgraded hoppers often forget about the speed feed, which can add to the speed, efficiency, and overall shooting experience. Even though paintball speed feeds are a vital part of the marker and are crucial for a good shooting experience, anyone in the market for one of these relies solely on word of mouth. 

A detailed review or an excellent buying guide exclusively focusing on Speed feeds are hard to come by. 

While reviews and buying guides for the purchase of paintball guns are plenty, a decent review on speed feed by paintball experts limits their expertise to hoppers and discussing marker parts with a few lines about speed feeds. 

This article focus entirely on speed feeds, a complete buying guide and detailed reviews on the top five best paintball speed feeds in the market.

Besides, it will also help you make an informed and wise buying decision. 

Let us dive right into it.

Best paintball speedfeed comparison

Best paintball Speed Feed

There are quite a number of the best paintball speed feed in the stores today. However, we will review the top 5 best paintball speed feed in this article.

Starting with the top pick speedfeed

Bunkerkings NTR Speedfeed

  • Full coverage: The wide fingers offer maximum range. 
  • Dual material: It is made of durable plastic and elastic. 
  • Locked lid: Locked hinge lid does not detach itself during rough movement
  • Feather-light Spring load: Ultra-light spring-loaded fingers easily allows the shots to pass into the hopper and springs back to lock position.  
  • Easy finger replacement: Includes free replacement fingers. 
  • Tool-free changing: Toolless cleaning and repair of the fingers. 

Our Verdict

A speed feed with full coverage enables you to dive, run, and play freely even under a cloud cover. Bunkerkings NTR Speedfeed is designed for easy, fast, and secure loading. 

With a host of unique features, these speed feeds make loading fast, easy, and secure. Unlike other open loaders, Bunkerkings NTR Speedfeeds with a locked hinged lid secures the shots from spilling out of the hopper even when you dive, crawl, or make a dash.

When it comes to loading the shots, the ultra-light and flexible fingers easily let the shots slide into the hopper and springs back to the secured lock position. The ultra-light feather spring fingers make loading fast, easy, and secure.

These speed feeds are exceptionally easy to clean and maintain. Cleaning and replacing the fingers do not require any tool and the pack of speed feed includes replacement fingers.

Thus, with an innovative design, feather-light spring fingers, locked hinged lid, and easy maintenance, Bunkerkings NTR Speedfeeds are one of the best speed feeds in the market today. 


  • Fast and easy reloads
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning
  • Durability
  • Anti sagging
  • Anti debris


  • It is compatible with only Virtue Spire III, Spire IR, and Spire III 280.
Virtue Paintball Spire III/280/IR CrownSF II Loader Speedfeeds

Virtue Paintball Spire
III/280/IR CrownSF II

  • Polycarbonate material: Made of polycarbonate material.
  • Locked lid with individual hinge: A single push-button lock mechanism securely holds the speed feed to the hopper. 
  • Feather-light Spring Technology: The fingers bend easily to allow maximum shots to be loaded. 
  • Tool-free changing: Cleaning and repair of the fingers do not require any additional tools.

Our Verdict

Virtue Paintball Spire III is a colorful speed feed that offers easy, fast, and secure feeding for Virtue Spire III, Spire III 280, Spire IR, and Crown SF II Markers.

Limited only to Virtue markers, the ease of handling, superior spring feather technology that enables easy and fast loading makes this speed feeds one of the best in the market.

Fingers made of polycarbonate can be easily fitted to the durable plastic frame without any additional tool. The fingers’ slim design allows many shots into the hopper at a time, making it one of the fastest.

The spring feather technology ensures that the fingers move back to the lock position once the shots are fed into the hopper and keep the shots secured inside the hopper, minimizing spillage. With a simple push-button locking mechanism, the lid connects to the built-in hinge.

It remains attached to the hopper, safeguarding against spillage even during some rough movements like sliding, crawling, etc. The slim polycarbonate fingers and allowing bulk feeding enables easy toolless handling and replacement of the fingers.

The fingers are easily detachable with bare hands and do not require much effort to clean or replace. The quick-release back shell is included in the pack and adds to the overall ease of handling and maintenance. 
Virtue Paintball Spire III/280/IR CrownSF II Loader/Hopper Speedfeeds with lifetime manufacturing warranty and a host of features makes the range of Virtue markers fast and efficient. 


  • Lid lock mechanism
  • Fast and easy reloads
  • Anti-spill
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning


  • Compatible with only Virtue Spire III, Spire IR, and Spire III 280.
Editors Choice
Dye Paintball Rotor R2 Quick Feed

Dye Paintball Rotor R2 Quick Feed

  • Magnet Technology: The magnetic arms ensure that the fingers hold the shots securely inside the hopper after feeding. 
  • Dual-density builds materials: Molded of patented dual-density materials, these speed feeds are built to last. 
  • Larger lid opening: Lid openings are 15% wider than most popular hoppers.  
  • Quick-release mechanism: Living hinge with quick release mechanism provides fast and hassle-free changing between traditional lids and Dye Rotor R2. 
  • Durability: The magnetic arms, along with fingers made of high-grade patented material, last long. 

Our Verdict

Explicitly designed for Dye Rotor R2, the speed feed with a unique securing mechanism ensures that no shots escape the hopper once fed.

With a first industrial design, these speed feeds have magnetic arms and a featured hinge that completely safeguards against shots spilling out of the hopper.

A highly effective alternative to the spring mechanism, the living hinge system with magnetic arms, in addition to protecting against spillage, holds the speed feed in place.

This speed feeds with the living hinge, the quick feed system, and quick release mechanism provide the best lidless speed feed options for Dye Rotor R2 makers, setting the trend in lidless feed systems.

With four color variations, these speed feeds are sleek and stylish. The quick-release mechanism allows the effortless changing of lids using the traditional method.

These speed feeds are durable and long-lasting due to their dual-density material. With a broader lid opening than most hoppers, the Dye Rotor R2 speed feed offers faster and easy loading while securely keeping the shots inside the hopper after loading. 


  • Fast loading
  • Anti-spill
  • Fast handling
  • Long-lasting
  • Ready availability
  • Color options


  • It is only compatible with Dye Razor markers. 
Editors Choice
HK Army Epic Paintball Speed Feed Halo Universal

HK Army Epic Halo Universal

  • Strength and flexibility: The composite Thermo-Resin Plastic
  • build material is strong yet flexible.
  • Adjustable fitting screw: The adjustable screw at the back of the speed feed ensures a snug-fitting.
  • Coverage: Eight fins provide more comprehensive coverage and do not allow spillage.
  • Interior Rubber grip: Safeguards against slippage or sliding off the loader. 
  • Color variants: Ten color variants to easily match any marker. patented material lasts long. 

Our Verdict

A genuinely universal speed feed that offers both faster loading and secure retention of pods. The HK Army Epic Paintball Speed Feed Halo is designed to provide the snuggest of fitting in a wide range of markers.

Made of durable composite material, the speed feed with an adjustable tightening screw offers the best fitting in the following markers and loaders: Tippmann A5, Pinokio, Overdrive, BT, A5, X7, Invert 2, Halo B/Too, Reloader B/B2, Magna, Revolution, and Fasta.

While the adjustable screw takes care of the fitting, ten color variants with matching logo take care of the looks and make the HK Army Epic Paintball Speed Feed Halo genuinely universal.

The firm yet flexible fins allow easy and fast loading of the pods and hold the pods securely inside. With eight fingers, the speed feed provides ample coverage to indulge in some serious diving and crawling.

It also eliminates the need for opening and closing the lid while loading. The high-grade Thermo-Resin Plastic material is strong, durable, and stain-resistant. The rim is fitted with an extra layer of rubber to safeguard the speed feed from slipping off the loader.

Measured and designed to perfection, HK Army Epic Paintball Speed Feed Halo offers the best universal speed feed. The pack also includes a rain lid. 


  • Wide range of compatibility
  • Perfect fitting and an anti-slip grip. 
  • Fast and secure feeding
  • With eight fins, the speed feed hard has no blank spaces.
  • Ten color options to fit any loader and marker. 
  • Shatterproof and can last long. 


  • The fins lack a little in terms of flexibility.
  • Does not have a lid locking mechanism. 
Editors Choice
Exalt Paintball Universal Feedgate V3

Exalt Paintball Universal Feedgate V3

  • Simple mechanism: The composite plastic
  • build material with perfect measure and angle allows easy and fast loading and keeps the pods secured inside after loading.
  • Adjustable fitting screw: The adjustable screw at the back of the speed feed provides a snug fitting in the compatible loaders.
  • Color variants: A wide range of variants to choose from.

Our Verdict

A universal paintball speed feed with a simple yet effective design enables one to just pour the pods directly into the hopper without the need to open any lid or worry about spillage.

The advanced design and accurate measurements make Exalt Paintball Universal Feedgate V3 one of the most popular speed feeds amongst the amateurs and players at the intermediate levels.

The speed feed has six flexible plastic fins designed and fitted with exact measurements and angles to allow each pod to hit the fins to easily slide into the hopper. Once inside, the pods are held securely, and the one-way mechanism does not allow any spillage even during a rough dive and rigorous crawling.

Fitted with an adjustable screw at the back, the Exalt Paintball Universal Feedgate V3 perfectly fits most loaders and markers at the low and medium price range. Some compatible loaders are Revolution, Overdrive, Fasta, Reloader B/B2, Magna, BT, A5, Pinokio, and Halo B/Too.

In addition to the straightforward, fast, and secure loading, the speed feeds are easy to install and maintain and have a wide range of color options to choose from, making the Exalt Paintball Universal Feedgate V3 a truly universal speed feed. 


  • Compatible with several loaders
  • The adjustable screw at the back ensures a snug fit 
  • Fast and secure feeding
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Wide range of color variants


  • Absence of Lid kick mechanism

Best paintball speedfeed Buyers guide

With in-depth knowledge about the speed feed mechanism and compatibility check, one can make an informed purchase decision. 

However, one must keep in mind that:

  • One must consider the level of expertise and gameplay before opting for a speed feed.
  • The style of play must match the paintball speed feed. One who is hyperactive dives and crawls frequently cannot opt for a speed feed that lacks coverage. 
  • Take into consideration the primary build material and the various mechanisms related to the speed feed. A speed feed with a complex lid lock mechanism might adversely affect a player’s performance who frequently changes between a traditional feeder and a speed feed. 
  • Not all speed feeds available in the market have universal compatibility. 
  • It is always advisable to select speed feeds available for specific loaders and markers for a snug fit and efficient loading. 
  • The ready availability of replacement fins, manufacturer’s warranty, and after-sales service must be considered before the purchase. 

In addition to these factors, one must remember that easy, fast, and secure loading are the primary functions of any paintball speed feed. However, the speed feed dramatically affects the overall performance of any player. Therefore, choose the one that best suits your gameplay, style, and perfectly matches the marker. 

Frequently Asked Question

What is speed feed in Paintball?

Loading a large volume of pods into the hopper at the once is speed feed or speed loading in Paintball. 

How to speed feed a paintball marker? 

Speed feeding a paintball marker is easy and involves opening the lid (if attached) and pouring the pods straight out of the bag into the hopper’s mouth. 

How to install a speed feed on the DYE rotor?

Installing a speed feed in the DYE rotor is simple, open the lid of the loader by pressing the lid locking button. Unscrew the four screws on the separate upper half of the loader. Place the speed feed aligned to the cuts with the screw and tighten the screws. The speed feed is installed! 

What is the best speed feed on the market?

Each speed feed available in the market has its pros and cons and is subjective to the kind of marker and loader one has. The one that is fully compatible with one’s marker and loader with pros outnumbering the cons can be considered the ideal speed feed.

Should I choose speed feed over Lib?

For a tactical and slow-paced game, LIB can be an ideal option, but if one is into a fast-paced team game and wants to paint the town, speed feed is the best option. 

How does speed feed work?

Speed feed replaces the traditional pod feeders in the hopper and is fitted at the loader’s mouth. The speed feed allows many pods to enter directly into the loader with its flexible fins or fingers. Once the pods pass the fins, they spring back to position, securing the pods inside the hopper. 

Wrapping it up

Paintball is an extreme sport that demands some level of expertise, great reflexes, excellent body coordination, and of course, a marker. With the hundreds of paintball markers flooding the market, choosing the one that perfectly matches one’s requirements can be tricky.

However, a word with someone who is ‘into the game, some research, and even renting or borrowing a marker that appeals to you can be some great ways to land the perfect buy. But when it comes to deciding on the additional parts that can take one’s marker to the next level, one has to be careful and consider every aspect of the other leg. 
Paintball speed feeds, too, are vital parts of the marker that require careful consideration.
While the need for a speed feed must be justified, the marker must be prepared to include it. 
A great way to begin can be changing the loader to allow a speed feed to be installed. As these reviews of the top five-speed feed highlight, each speed feed is different in its advantages and disadvantages. When each boasts to offer the easiest, fastest, and most secure loading and ease of handling, only a few have universal compatibility.

Thus, while choosing the speed feed that best matches the requirements, taking some time off to research can be a wise option. 
Happy shopping!

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