How to make a paintball gun?

How to make a paintball gun

How To Make A Paintball Gun?

So, you’re planning to make your paintball gun at home. The next thing is to figure out the best way to go about this. If you try to DIY a paintball gun, you will see that it is quite a straightforward process without any complicated steps. Paintball games can be fun, and it is an excellent way of exercising the body and relieving stress. 

The process involved in building one is easy if you know how to get the parts of the paintball gun. The paintball gun operates with a simple mechanism. This mechanism involves forcefully pushing the paintballs out of the gun’s barrel. A burst of air pressure accompanies this process.

There are significant paintball gun parts readily available that you can get without spending too much effort. The guns are produced most easily; anyone knowing how to make a paintball gun can assemble its components to achieve this.

So, what do you need for the production of the paintball gun?

Read on as we discuss the DIY steps-

Homemade paintball gun

The game of paintball is a universal sport when you want to have fun. You can play paintball as a group or as an individual. In most countries, teenagers play a game of paintball at teenage parties. Because this type of sport involves shooting with toy guns and paintballs, it is pretty fun for both onlookers and participants.

You need to know how to make a homemade paintball gun to save costs to play this sport. This gun need not be sophisticated as it can be put together by using mere metal and plastic parts. 

Paintball gun parts

paintball gun parts

Hopper: Hopper is that part of the paintball gun that holds the ball. It is also the gun’s loading mechanism. The firing rate of your paintball gun depends on the type of hopper in the weapon. We have four different types of hoppers. However, to get some of these means that you will have to upgrade the hopper. Types are-

  • Stick Feeds: This type of hopper can be made in the home. It is inefficient and slow. It needs a quick upgrade as it is at its basic level.
  • Gravity Feed: This is an upgrade from the stick feed and can be used on mechanical paintball guns.
  • Agitation Feed: The agitator is used to save the battery’s power whenever the gun is in use. It is one level higher than the gravity feed. A battery powers it.
  • Force-Feed: Electro-pneumatic paintball guns use this type of feed. Force-feed is the best upgrade in terms of the hopper as it has numerous boosted properties. 

Body: The paintball body comes with the primary mechanics of the device. The body carries the pumping tool. The frame comes in five separate parts.

  •  The cocking knob: The cocking knob prepares the gun for a paintball and prepares the gun for firing by being pulled back.
  •  Safety: The safety pin prevents the firearm from shooting accidentally.
  •  Trigger: The trigger activates the gun’s firing mechanism.
  •  Firing Chamber: This part of the weapon stores the paints before firing. It is connected to the hopper of the weapon, used to hold the colors.
  •  Venturi Bolt: The Venturi Bolt is used to shoot off the paint, which is located in the firing chamber.

Compressed Air Tank: In the compressed air tank of the gun, there are two types of containers used:

  • The CO2 tanks: This is the old type of gas used in paintball guns. However, they are steadily being phased out to make way for the HPA tanks. 
  •  HPA tanks: These types of containers have more efficiency than CO2 tanks. The gun of High-Pressure Air tanks uses compressed air, such as regular air. The HPA tank will not damage your paintball gun.

Barrel: The barrel is usually a critical factor that helps you decide on what barrel to purchase. The barrel affects the firing power of your paintballs. When buying a paintball gun, the two most important factors to consider are the bore and the length.

How to Make a DIY Paintball Gun

paintball gun making steps
DIY paintball gun making steps
DIY paintball gun making

Source: wikihow

Now, let us check out some of the steps you need to take to create your homemade paintball gun.

  • You need durable drinking plastic bottles. They have a thick barrier that can help handle the explosion from the shooting activity. You can get any bottle size for this.
  • Get a drill bit of 2 cm and drill in a hole through the container’s bottom.
  • Drill in the 1 cm tunnel underneath the bigger shaft. You should ensure that this hole is not too close to the next hole.
  • Get a 15-meter-long metal pipe and insert it into the biggest from the bottom of the bottle. Allow about 5 cm to get into the container. This pipe is the gun’s barrel. Any width and type of pipe can be used to achieve this, so you do not have to worry about your paintball gun.
  • Use a lighter with a long neck close to 8 cm in length. Insert the pointed end of the lighter through the lower hole which you drilled. The flame will cause an explosion. This explosion will drive the pellets of the paintball into the air.
  • Ensure that the container is held on its side, and then you can catch the lighter towards the lower part of the bottle. Make sure you keep the lighter’s moving neck inside the hole, also ensure that the lighter is faced sideways to the container. Apply hot glue paste on the bottle’s side and proceed to put the lighter on the glue paste.

How to make a paintball gun stand

One peculiar thing about paintball guns is the way they are stored. If you want to safely pack your paintball gun and ensure you use it for a long time, it should be stored properly. The best way to save your paintball gun is to create a paintball gun stand. 

Now, the question is, how to DIY a paintball stand to prevent it from getting damaged? 

Here are some useful options to make a homemade stand for your paintball gun effectively. 

There are locally existing materials like plastics or wood, which can be used for this purpose. However, making a portable stand for a paintball gun is through a PVC pipe.

The use of PVC pipes for a stand is among the quickest and cheapest ways of making one.

Things needed to create a DIY paintball gun stand

paintball gun equipment's
  • Marker
  • You need a PVC cutter to cut out the pipes.
  • A PVC pipes.
  • A 90-degree PVC bend (the amount required depends on the design you choose).
  • A PVC glue
  • A PVC Tee connector.

Planning and creating your stand for the paintball gun

The planning and designing parts are critical aspects of making a stand for your paintball gun. Before you proceed to create them, you will need to draw out a design for the stand. While the paintball gun is just as ordinary as every toy or tool, it might interest you to note that there are numerous paintball gun designs out there.

That affects the stands as well. You could choose from multiple designs, or you could have an expert draw out one for you to create.

how to make paintball gun stand

Connecting the parts to make a stand

The moment you have your complete plan for the paintball and have fully purchased everything you need from the store, you can now put your gun stand together.  

Use the pipe glue for PVC to fix the parts together. That helped to create the gun stand. 

After fixing one part, you have to wait for some time before you attach the next joint to prevent any accidental slip-off.

It will help if you cut out the PVC “T” joint into two halves and fix them according to the plan you have designed. That will hold the paintball gun’s barrel in place. 

Leave it out for some time to bond properly. Paint the stand to make it look more colorful. 

Build your paintball gun

To build your paintball gun, some things you need to consider- note the number of bends and joints that you have to include in the design. As soon as you have your design prepared, you can then proceed to a local tool and hardware shop to purchase the materials and tools that you will need for the job. 

A well-created plan acts as a guide and a blueprint to craft the much-needed paintball gun and its stand correctly. 

Final Words

Now you can easily create a paintball gun and a stand using existing materials from the hardware store. While it is not difficult to develop a paintball gun and its position, most people will still get this wrong if they proceed to use the wrong materials on their own without a guide and the wrong method. If you follow the proper process, you will get your dream paintball gun and its stand ready.

Have you tried making a paintball gun at home before? Leave an answer in the comment section below now.

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