Low Impact Paintballs | Advantages Over Standard Paintball

Low Impact Paintballs

Low Impact Paintballs

Paintball is an exciting and recreational game to play. However, that feeling of getting hit and feeling pain and irritation can terrify newbies. Luckily, low impact paintball is a modern alternative to the regular paintball, which aims to reduce the pain, bruises, and discomfort associated with the game. This paintball is a fantastic option for first-timers.

Before defining Low Impact Paintball itself, let’s find out if there are different sizes of paintballs.

Are there different sizes of paintball?

You may be wondering if all paintballs are of the same size or not. The truth is that paintballs come in various sizes; however, the most common length is the .68 caliber, while the .50 caliber is the second most common paintball size. Well, size is significant when it comes to paintballs, as we will see very soon. Keep reading!

Is there any particular reason why the .68 caliber and the .50 caliber are the most common ones? Let’s find out. To make this clear, we will consider the following:

• What they are made of

• How much they weight

• How fast the travel

The .68 Caliber Paintball

The .68 caliber being the industry standard is what most experienced players choose. This is quite so because of its versatility and compatibility with different games, whether indoor or outdoor. However, the downside of the .68 caliber is that heavier and larger than the .50 caliber, which equals fewer rounds. While this may be difficult for beginners, professional paintball players who can aim and shoot accurately would not issue it.

Ideally, a larger paintball will usually hurt more than a relatively small one.

The .50 Caliber Paintball

On the other hand, the .50 caliber paintball has recently become popular among paintball players. The .50 caliber is regarded as “Low Impact,” which is smaller and implies a reduced probability of injury or bruises. These paintballs are the best option for beginners because they are great for indoor and recreational games.

However, the disadvantage associated with it is that the balls are a half-inch in diameter, which means a reduced velocity or momentum compared to the .68 caliber.

Different size of the paintball

What is the low impact paintball?

Low impact paintball is the latest type of gameplay that stimulates the same physical activity, teamwork, and thrills, just like the regular paintball! So how is it different from the regular one? The significant difference is that it HURTS MUCH LESS! More so, it is .50 calibers, which means it has a smaller size than the .68 caliber paintball, and its impact energy is about 3X less than that of the .68 calibers. Why does this matter?

It’s simple! When hit, it stings much less. Players are likely not to notice that they’ve been hit during play. More so, bruises wouldn’t be a thing to worry about, so there is increased safety.

Low impact paintball vs. Regular paintball

Now that we know what a low impact paintball is, let us make a head-to-head comparison of low impact paintball and regular paintball.

Aside from the “HURT LESS” advantage of .50 calibers paintballs, these types of paintballs offer a list of benefits over the regular paintballs. Some of them include:

  • Smaller paintballs make it easy to use lightweight and compact equipment such as air tanks and hoppers.
  • Low impact paintballs increase the efficiency of the guns. This way, the guns become more gas efficient, and players focus more on playing rather than spending more time filling air tanks.
  • Compared to regular paintballs, these paintballs use a lesser amount of paint, thereby making the game more environmentally friendly.
  • The reduced pain makes kids as young as eight years old eligible to play and have fun!

For more audio-visual information on low impact paintball as it differs from the regular paintballs, follow this link.

FeatureLow Impact paintballRegular paintball
Size.50 Caliber (0.5″ diameter).68 Caliber (0.68″ diameter)
Weight1.21 Grams (Approx)3.2 grams (approx)
Impact Energy5.1 Joules (max)13 Jules
Max Distance
300 fps (range)
130 ft150 ft
Minimum Age of
7 years9 years

  • Budget Pick

    JT GI Splatmaster .50 Cal Biodegradable Low Impact Non-Toxic Paintball Ammo
    • Yellow and blue shell
    • The package is ‎9.3 x 5.9 x 1.1 inches.
    • Low impact .50 Caliber paintballs
    • Biodegradable
  • Best Value

    Valken Graffiti .50cal Paintballs - 1250 Count - Yellow Fill
    • 1250 rounds per package
    • Low impact .50 caliber paintballs
    • Yellow fill
    • The package is ‎7.24 x 6.61 x 4.21 inches

Does Low Impact Paintball Hurt?

The justification for smaller paintballs causing less pain and hurt is the reduction in the weight, size, and paintball structure. If your question is whether low impact paintball hurts or not, we can look at it in contrast to the regular paintballs. If we do so, we can say it hurts much less than the standard paintballs.

In fact, by reducing the mass of the paintball, the player feels less paintball sting. But how much less of an impact will you think? This indicates that the paintball’s weight is not the only factor that determines the amount of sting felt. The speed of the paintball is equally an essential factor to consider.

Does Low Impact Paintball Hurt?

Low impact paintball equipment

When playing with the smaller paintball, the types of equipment will remain almost the same. Let’s take a look at the necessary equipment.

Low Impact Paintball Gun:

Do we play low impact paintball with the same equipment as the regular paintball game? Yes! Low Impact Paintball uses the same paintball equipment style, and the only difference is that it employs a smaller paintball marker, which is engineered for reduced velocity and impact. An example is the Tippmann FT50 light gun, which has a 50% lower impact paintball hit with the same accuracy.

Low Impact Paintball Mask:

Low impact paintball masks include thermal fog, free lenses, head protection, adjustable, safe to use, and suitable for young players. The cover protects the chin, jaw, ear, head, and neck.

Low Impact Paintball Vest:

Want to go to battle with enough ammunition? If yes? Then, the low impact paintball vest has got you covered. With it, you can carry extra 400 rounds of ammunition into battle.

Which Paintballs are the Best?

Based on pricing, caliber, quality, durability, and efficiency, the Valken Infinity Paintballs – 68 calibers, 2,000 counts are undoubtedly the best. This is the number one choice for professional players, and it is also suitable for beginners alike. They also come in a variety of colors, including yellow, white, and orange. They are top sellers and are very affordable with a price below $40/box!
Go check them out at Amazon.com now!

What are Paintballs Filled With?

While paintball is an exciting game, it is essential to be enlightened on the effects of the contents of paintballs. That said paintballs contain gelatin capsules with constituents that include polyurethane, glycol (PEG), and other water-based substances and dyes that are non-toxic. They are sourced from edible food-based products.

Generally, paintballs are safe for use by kids (7years and above) and adults. However, the contents are not as friendly to animals and can be harmful to animals’ life (if ingested), leading to acute poisoning, which can, in turn, cause death.

How Much Does a Paintball Weight?

A paintball’s weight depends on its size. A .68 caliber paintball weighs approximately 3.2 grams, while the .50 caliber paintball weighs about 1.21 grams (see table above). The weight and size of the ammunition, plus its velocity, directly affect the force when fired.

Which Size of Paintballs Hurts the Most?

As we have already stated, the larger the paintball size, the more likely it is to cause pain! Low impact paintballs hurt far less than the standard .68 caliber size. When hit with the .50 caliber ammunition, a player is likely to feel a slight touch, usually painless.

Who is low impact paintball suitable for?

If you are new to the paintball sport, then the Low Impact Paintball is right for you. Technically speaking, low impact paintball is suitable for all younger and first-time players because obviously, experienced players who want more adventure might not go for it. With low impact paintballs, there is no need to be afraid of being hit.

Final words

Paintball has been a great sport to engage in, considering the fun and entertainment attached to the game. Before now, beginner paintball players often found it hard to participate due to fear of being hit. However, with the introduction of low impact paintball, which uses small-sized, less painful, and lightweight paintball markers, every new paintball player now has the chance to play with zero fear of getting hurt or stung.

So, if you’re thinking of starting with paintball or you have kids who want to, the time is now. Get your paintball gun, get that mask, put on your vest, and keep all your opponents at bay. Also, in this article, we talked about the effects of paintballs on animals. Having read through, please keep animals away from paintballs.

Leave a comment in the section below; tell us about your first time with a low-impact paintball on the field.

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