What to Wear For Paintball?

What to wear for Paintball?

What To Wear For Paintball?

Are you looking for what to wear for paintball? Then you’re in the right place. Playing paintball requires not just supplies, gears, and equipment, but you need to protect yourself from sustaining injuries with the right clothes and safety gear.  

Whether you are a novice or an expert player, it is very important to prepare for what you will wear to play paintball. Except you’re an expert, the chances are that you would be in a dilemma when looking to choose what to wear for paintball. Thankfully, in this article, we have compiled the important safety gear and clothes for you to consider.  

The information or ideas you will learn from this article will give you a heads-on to jump-start a paintball playing career. You would also enjoy a memorable experience while on the field of play.

Ready to learn? Then let’s get started.

What Should I Wear To Protect My Face And Head?

What Should I Wear To Protect My Face And Head?


What to wear to protect your face and head while playing paintball depends on the outdoor location. Masks or helmets are designed to give you maximum protection, as they are meant to cover your face from chin to forehead and from ear to ear. They are constructed to stop a paintball and comply with ASTM standards for eye protection.  

Most masks on the market cover back to the ears and face back. Some masks will cover your entire head. To avoid the paintball from hitting on top of your head (which is very rear), purchase a baseball cap and wear the cap backward. I will give your head additional protection.

Additionally, you may consider wearing a sandana if you’d be participating in a tournament. A sandana is designed like a headband and comes with some attachments to further protect your head from injuries. They are readily available in most shops selling paintball gears.

What Should I Wear To Protect My Upper Body?


As a rule of thumb, when choosing paintball clothing for your upper body, go for long sleeves. Wearing a long sleeve shirt when playing paintball ensures that you don’t expose your body to paintball. It may sting your bare skin in the field of play.  

Try as much as possible not to wear a t-shirt — where possible, wear a dark-colored sweatshirt or a jacket if there is a change of weather.  

Additionally, we recommend loose clothing to prevent you from experiencing a stinging sensation when there is a shot from your opponents.  

What Should I Wear To Protect My Lower Body?

Paintballing is a game that often exposes the players’ legs to different elements depending on the location of play. These elements may include rocks, dirt, thorns, twigs, and may cause minor injuries on your legs or knees if left unprotected.  

Keep it at the back of your mind that as you paintball, you’d be doing things like crawling, kneeling, and even diving. These activities may also expose your lower body to bruises, hits, and scratches if you don’t protect yourself.

The last thing you would wish for yourself is to sustain an injury on the leg when playing the paintball game. So, we don’t advise you to wear any shorts as you prepare for paintball.  

The perfect thing to wear to protect your lower body is dark-colored paintball pants. Other recommendations are loose sweatpants, cargo pants, jeans, and jumpsuits. Your ultimate intention is to protect your lower body in the best possible way.  

How Do I Protect My Hands?

When playing paintball, your hands are most vulnerable to being shot, as you rely on them to point your gun to shoot your opponents. Therefore, you need to invest in hand gloves to protect your hands from your opponents’ attacks.  

Some of the best hand gloves on the market for paintballing are:

• Gardening

• Gold football

• Fingerless weight lifting gloves

• Paintball-specific hand gloves.  

Again, we strongly caution that you avoid hand gloves like latex, welding, and winter gloves. These gloves are too difficult, think, and cumbersome for trigger sensitivity.  

Your hands have sensitive spots you need to protect; hence, buy only the best hand gloves to increase your chances of winning your opponents.  

What Shoes Should I Wear?

What Shoes Should I Wear?


Firstly, consider the type of shoes to wear is whether you would be playing woodsball or speedball. If you intend to play a woodsball or scenario paintball, your best bet would be to go for shoes with ankle support and adequate tread.  

Some of the best shoes in this category are:

• Trail runners

• Hiking boots

• Running shoes.  

Another option is to wear cleats in paintball — though they’re more suitable for speedball than woodsball.  

Avoid cleats that come with metal spikes because they usually pop inflatable bunkers and may injure your opponents while playing. Also, avoid sandals with an open-toe, as they expose your toes to different elements.  

Paintball Jersey:

Another paintball armor you need to consider is the jersey. You can customize the jersey to bear your name, the name of your team, or even make it your preferred color. The jersey should be design with lightweight and ventilated materials to absorb impact and promote bounce. It should be loose enough to fit other protective gear without wobbling.


If you are planning to play woodsball, then you need a vest. A vest is an essential paintball outfit you should consider investing your hard-earned money on. The best vest for paintballing is those with multiple pockets to stock away things like radio, map, watch, water bottle, wallets, keys, squeegee, or other personal effects.


Knowing the type of outfit to wear to protect yourself is the key to enjoying memorable gameplay. Your clothes and gears should not impede your movements in any way and should also protect you from sustaining an injury or being hit by your opponents.  

When you get your art right, you would surely be on your way to winning the next game. Still, confused? Take a short look here

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What’s your paintballing experience? We value your thoughts; kindly share them with us in the comment section.  

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