Woodsball Vs. Speedball | What Should You Choose?

Woodsball vs Speedball

Woodsball Vs. Speedball

Paintball is an exciting, fun, and exciting game that cuts across all ages. Whether you want to get your kids engaged in extracurricular activities or you’re CEO who wants to bring out the best in his/her employees, paintball comes in handy to help you achieve your goals. If you take a look at the world of paintball, there are different types of paintball games; however, the two most prominent types are speedball and woodsball games. 

Since most paintball enthusiasts want to know the differences or similarities between these two games, we have decided to put together an article covering the significant differences and similarities that exist between these two types of paintball. But before we dive into the nitty-gritty of woodsball vs. speedball, let’s quickly define what each of these paintball games entails.

What is Woodsball?

Woodsball was the first paintball game that gained recognition in the paintball world. The first time gameplay was in 1981. At its very core, woodsball involves players competing in a natural environment or outdoor fields using a paintball gun to target opponents. The equipment used to play woodsball include, paintballs, CO2 or high-pressure air, a paintball marker, hopper, and goggles. Woodsball is infinite and includes games like elimination and capture the flag. 

What is Speedball?

Speedball is another entertaining paintball game that involves two teams competing in a small symmetrical field composed of an equal number of bunkers on each side. Speedball was configured in this way to give an enhanced for both viewing and playing. It is also known as tournament paintball in the United States. Players usually start playing at the back of the paintball field. 

Before we proceed further, here is an overview of what to expect in this article.

  • A quick comparison table
  • Fields of Woodsball vs Speedball
  • Teams
  • Pace
  • Equipment required
  • Strategies used to play both games
  • Pros and Cons of both games
  • Conclusion
The field used to play speedball is generally smaller with lots of bunkersBeing an outdoor game, the paintball field for woodsball is larger than those used to play speedball. Players are likely to encounter natural rivers, trees, and other natural plants. 
The team size of speedball is generally smaller than woodsball due to the small and symmetrical field of play.Players in woodsball can be as much as 20 or more.
Fast movements are expected in speedball because there are no much restriction on the field of playWoodsball is a slow and more strategic game. Since the field of play is large, there are lots of places to hide until you find your target.
In speedball, direct communication among team members is very possible.Direct communication in woodsball is not feasible due to the large field of play. At best, you would make use of a walkie-talkie to communicate with your team members. 
Speedball involves less strategy, as you can easily spot your opponents to fire a shot Woodsball involve intense strategies to win the battle against an opponent.


The field of play of woodsball is generally more massive than the area required to play speedball. Woodsball is an outdoor game that involves players running, hiding, and shooting paintballs in a forest or near a mountain. The playing teams can start the game at any point, taking into cognizance the weakness and strengths of each team member. 

On the other hand, the field used to play speedball compose of an equal number of bunkers on both sides where players would hide and navigate to target their opponents. So, generally, speedball is an indoor game, as you can play in any space that is not too large. 

Team Members

The game of paintball is fun with two teams struggling to emerge a winner. Woodsball has large team members since the field of play is a large open environment, mostly forest. Typically, the average team size is usually anything from 20 upwards. We have seen instances where a team comprises 100 team members above, depending on the size of the outdoor field. 

In contrast, speedball involves only a few players, say from 7 to 10 players at most. Ultimately, speedball is limited to the small space available to ensure intense and fast movements.

Pace of Play

The pace of play is very much slower in woodsball, and the reason is apparent. Woodsball is an outdoor game where players can number up to 100 players. If you fire the first shot now, it may take up to 30 minutes to fire the next shot. There are mountains and hills for players to hiding against the attack of opponents. As such, it takes time to launch an attack and reach your opponent’s bunker. 

However, the same narrative does not apply to speedball. Speedball is a fast-paced game that requires less space and players. From a player’s standpoint, he/she can easily view an opponent and thus fire a shot targeting at the opponent. Though limited in space, the time it takes to launch an attack is lesser compared to woodsball.   

Equipment Needs To Play The Games

The equipment used to play woodsball includes dark-colored camouflage wear, a variety of military-like guns, paintballs, CO2 or high-pressure air, a hopper, and goggles. There is still other auxiliary equipment, but the ones we have mentioned here are the basics that you need to get handy.

The equipment used to play speedball is very similar to those used in playing woodsball. Some of them include high-end electro-pneumatic guns, hoppers, CO2, paintballs, baggy pants, and shirts. You can customize the equipment to meet your team’s style or preferences.

Strategies and Plannings

To succeed in the game of paintball requires intense and calculative methods by team members. The goal of the game is to be declared a winner at the end of the game. The strategy needed to defeat your opponents largely depends on the structure of the playing field and the restriction or bunkers present on the field.  

So, for woodsball, the strategies vary because the field of play is enormous; as such, a single approach may not work effectively. Sometimes, the manager of the team may need to split the team into different groups and directions for effective communication. On the other hand, the strategies required to succeed in speedball do not need much variation. The field of play is small, with fewer restrictions. The team member can easily change plans in-between games, so far, he/she is ahead of the opponents.

Tips To Play Both Woodsball And Speedball

  • Do not pull off your mask on the field of play. Although the mask would make you uncomfortable during the early stage when you start playing, with time, you will start getting used to it. Pulling off your mask will not only expose your face to injuries and sting from paintball, but the field authorities may also ban you from playing further.
  • Fire your paintball gun directly at your opponent. This is an essential tip for you to adhere to. There are several paintball guns on the market for you to buy to defend yourself against your opponents.
  • Fill your air canisters with enough air that would sustain you throughout the game. In case you run out of air you should make provision for re-filling.

Woodsball Vs. Speedball

Woodsball Pros

  • Military-type guns are in use.
  • There is less risk of injury due to the broad field of play.
  • It involves more team members.
  • Players would get to see and feel natural monuments
  • Large field of play

Woodsball Cons

  • It takes a lot of time
  • Less action is involved in the game
  • Players would exert more energy since the field of play is large

Speedball Pros

  • Speedball is full of action
  • You can play speedball indoor
  • It doesn’t take time like woodsball
  • There are artificial hiding places for team members
  • More colorful and fancy guns

Speedball Cons

  • The field of play is small
  • Team members are very few
  • There is no natural environment

Final Thoughts

Okay, that’s it. At this point, we believe you now understand the differences/similarities between these two games. The choice between woodsball and speedball largely depends on individual players – some players prefer a calm and strategic game played in a natural environment, and others want a paintball game that is action-packed more aggressive. 
If you want a paintball game with fewer team members and the field of play consists of artificial bunkers, your best bet would be to choose speedball. Conversely, if you want to be involved in a paintball game where you have to run and hide in between mountains and hills, then your preferred choice would be woodsball.  
Lastly, don’t forget to share your paintballing experience with us, whether it’s speedball or woodsball. From your feedback, upcoming paintball players will learn and even improve from your experience.

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